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April 20, Monday
The beginning of practice
April 21, Tuesday
The end of practice
April 22, Wednesday
Uploading a report to the Moodle system
1 February

You will need to finalize the MT topic with your supervisor. Two versions should be fixed: in Russian and in English.
1 April

You need to fill out and send to your manager the «Intermediate control of the master thesis research» form. You will receive a form to fill out from your manager. The completed table should be 2 pages long.
1 May

You need to submit the text of your master's thesis to your supervisor and receive comments.
1 June

Your MT must be completed, framed and downloaded into the student's personal account.
Final version
When you upload your final version of the MT text to your student's personal account on June 1, your supervisor receives it and marks it as final.
Your work is automatically checked for anti-plagiarism. At the same time, you must confirm that you wrote the work yourself. Your supervisor is writing an anti-plagiarism test report. A text with less than 70% originality is plagiarism. A student whose work is recognized as plagiarism is expelled.
Carefully follow all the rules of text formatting. If you do not pass the norm-control, then the MT loading procedure begins again
The text of the dissertation and the appendices must be downloaded separately. It is also not allowed to merge words and use special programs to replace letters. If the auditor notices that the student tried to illegally increase the percentage of originality of MT text, then his work is recognized as a falsification. A student whose work is recognized as a falsification is expelled.
At least three days before the defense, you must get access. You get access to protection when you have successfully completed all the previous stages and uploaded all mandatory and additional files to your personal account.
Supervisor 1

  • From UNECON
  • Approves your topic
  • Comments on your MT in terms of its content
  • Checks the paper for anti-plagiarism
  • Marks your version of the work final in PA (ЛК)
  • Prepares and undersigns the Supervisor 1 Assessment

Supervisor 2

*if you have a second supervisor from the partner university
  • From TU Braunschweig or Sapienza
  • Prepares and undersigns the Supervisor 2 Assessment

  • Not from UNECON
  • Not from a partner university of the MiBA program
  • Not Supervisor 2
  • Prepares and undersigns an assessment letter
NB! The reviewer's assessment is not a review of the supervisor from the place of practice. These are two different documents!
NB! Your reviewer can be from the place of practice only if you have the implementation of the results of the MT.

  • May or may not have a scientific degree
  • May be an employee of another university
  • Can be an expert and practitioner or CEO of the company in accordance with the topic of your research
NB! Check with your supervisor whether the selected person can be a reviewer
NB! If you do not have a reviewer, let your supervisor know about it at least a month prior to the defense!
Upon the approval of the final version by the supervisor, your MT is sent to the office for normative control (norm-control). In case the requirements to the MT design were not met, it is returned for revision.

Once revised and corrected, the MT is to be uploaded once again in the personal account of the student and supervisor marks it as final, and all the procedure repeats.
Please stick to the terms and deadlines, start the procedure beforehand to pass norm-control on time (weekends are not considered, if you upload MT on weekend and have a defense on Monday – this not going to work). Without norm-control completion is it not possible to get admission for defense!
Rules of norm control
The structure of master's thesis for norm control
1. Title page
2. Individual task
3. Abstract
4. Table of contents indicating the page numbers of the headings of sections, subsections (in Arabic numerals)
5. Introduction
6. Main body (chapters)
7. Conclusion
8. List of references (bibliographic list)
List of references (bibliographic list)
In alphabetic order, starting from surname, then name; first list the resources in English, then in Russian

Ivanov A. A. Economic development: monograph / A. A. Ivanov.- 2nd ed.. - St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2009. - p. 25.
Иванов А. А. Экономическое развитие: монография / А. А. Иванов.– 2 изд.. – СПб.: Наука, 2009. – с. 25.
The design of the text for the master's thesis
Paper format is A 4, one side of the sheet
Font - black, size 14 Times New Roman (for tables, size 12).
Line spacing - 1.5 (inside tables 1.0).
Alignment of the main text - in width.
Margins: - right 10 mm / left 30 mm
- top 20 mm / bottom 20 mm
The indent of the red line is 1.25 cm
Use only angular quotation marks: «…». All names should be designed uniformly. If you wrote «еPharmacy» for the first time, it should be written in the whole text as well.
Chapters and sub-chapters
Chapters and sub-chapters are numbered only with Arabic numerals.
Section headings should be placed in the middle of the line, without a dot at the end and without underlining. Bold font, all capital letters.
Headings of subsections should be indented with a red line of 1.25, without a dot at the end and without underlining. The font is bold, with a capital letter and then all letters are uppercase.
Headings of sections and subsections should not be torn off from the text and should not be located at the bottom of the page.
Page numbering
Number the pages of the MT with Arabic numerals, observing continuous numbering throughout the text. Page numbers must be placed at the bottom of the page and centralized, without a dot, size 14, font Times New Roman.
Numbering starts from the title page (the title page is page -1, the individual task is page 2, etc.), the first page number that should be displayed is “Table of Contents” (this is appr. page 6 or 7) and then numbering continues throughout the MT (8,9,10, etc.).
Title page of the MT contains the following data:
- name of the University/School/Programme;
- title of the MT as in the University order (the confirmed version);
- student’s surname and name;
- name, surname and titles of academic supervisors 1 and 2* (if applicable);
- name and surname of the reviewer;
- name, surname and title of the academic director of the Programme.
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